how to get bigger dick- 3 free tips that will give you bigger dick and better sex life

it was always on the men’s mind how to get bigger dick?? this question dates back since the beginning of time and no matter what god has given to them, most men want a bigger dick. A lot of this is put down to vanity but there are a percentage of males out there that have a below average sized dick and might want to make it larger, maybe just to boost their confidence .Women can happily get breast implant surgery to make them feel better about themselves, but men have to put up with the bullshit and embarrassment about it. That?€™s not entirely true. Although there is no completely safe and effective penis enlargement surgery, there are free penis enlargement excises that have proven to make your dick bigger, both flaccid and erect.
Some basic free penis enlargement exercises are below.
1.the TOWEL STRETCH: This can be combined with other methods but is usually done by itself. What this entails is getting some hot water and soaking a towel . Wrap the towel around your dick for just few minutes until relaxed. Once done either begin jelling or stretching. To stretch hold the penis head and pull forward, then down, then left and right. Repeating for around 15 minutes.
2.THE CLOCKWORK EXTENSION: Hold your dick head firmly in your fist and stretch it as far as yo can down not to fat you dont what to rip it off:) ?¿½?¿½” then keeping it stretched do a complete 360, ending up back at the same point that you started from. Think of holding a bicycle wheel whilst it is spinning round and replicate this with your penis.
3.BENDING: For this technique you need a semi erect dick. You then need to stretch behind the scrotum and literally sit on it for about 5 minutes. It is important like during any other workout that you dont overdo it and remain relaxed and calm throughout the workout. Keep form and go steady but dont overdo-it. These are just 3 tips of how to get bigger dick the free penis enlargement exercises that can add length and girth to your dick in just a few months.


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